Troy Heavy Haulage has entered into an enforceable undertaking with the NHVR following a HVNL Mass breach. This breach occurred in Victoria whilst transporting an OSOM load from NSW using a 5x8 combination being towed by a prime mover.

Whilst in NSW this load is approved under the Multi State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicle Mass Exemption Notice 2020 and the Multi State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicle Dimension Exemption Notice 2022 however it is not covered when entering Victoria. When in Victoria all 5x8 combinations must carry a Single Route Specific OSOM permit issued by the NHVR. Each state has its own requirements under this notice and must be carefully read to ensure compliance when crossing state borders.

These permits can be applied for using the NHVR Portal and approval must be granted by all road managers prior to the trip being undertaken.