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1Troy Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd is a locally owned family-run company, established in 1994 by local truck driver Barry Troy. The son of Jack Troy, Barry was destined to become a part of the heavy haulage transport business. Barry first began his diesel mechanics apprenticeship with Robsons in 1973 and four years later completed his training. Barry then stayed with Robsons as a truck and dog driver before taking over his father's position as the main float operator upon Jack's retirement. After spending many years with Robsons, Barry took ownership of a local truck driving school and successfully managed the business before making the decision to return back to being an operator. In 1990, Barry purchased his first truck and a few years later followed up with the establishment of "Troy Heavy Haulage".

Barry’s youngest son Daniel ‘Spud’ Troy just like his father and Poppy Troy was born with trucking in his blood. Following in his dad’s footsteps he completed his diesel mechanics apprenticeship and then began working within the company as one of the main float drivers for the last 7 years. He has now stepped into the office taking on a management position to help take the company into the future.

Over the past two and a half decades, Troy Heavy Haulage has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest heavy haulage companies on the Central Coast. THH boasts a fleet of modern prime movers, truck and dogs, two tilt trays, and numerous earth moving and excavation equipment. We specialise in floats and oversize loads, and can cater to a variety of haulage and earthmoving services such as interstate, tipper work, pilots/escorts, earth moving and excavation work. Please see our services page for full details of our equipment and services that we can provide.

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